The Animal Husbandry and Animal Welfare Department has a separate wing to look after the extension activities.  The Joint Director (RES) is functioning as the Programme Officer for this wing.  The objectives of the wing are to create awareness, educate and motivate the people about the programmes implemented in the Animal Husbandry sector.  Through extension education healthy management, proper breeding, balanced feeding, disease control measurement, high productivity performance, etc. and how to rear their livestock for better productivity are being taught  seeing is   believing. The poor illiterate farmers will believe what they have seen with their own eyes to make spectacular changes in their orbit in different fields in Animal Husbandry sector.   Film shows will also play a major role to teach the  livestock owners in modern technology of Animal Husbandry  subject.



Activities of the wing


Farmers meet: One farmers meet to each and every Veterinary Dispensary level are being conducted by this Wing every year in UT of Puducherry.  Experts on various fields of Animal Husbandry are giving lecture to the farmers during the forenoon  session and  in the afternoon session the farmers share their views and experiences with the experts.  Every year 17 Nos. of farmers meet are being conducted in the UT of Puducherry.

One Day Seminar:- 2 No. of one day seminar  one at Puducherry Region and another at Karaikal Region are conducted.  The expert veterinarian from Tamil Nadu and Puducherry University and Colleges are participating in the seminar and delivering lecture.

Film show: Film shows are conducted  in the rural villages of both Puducherry and Karaikal Region every year.  

Cattle and Poultry Shows: - To encourage the farmers  in rearing livestock and poultry this Department is being  conducted cattle and poultry shows in each and every Veterinary Dispensary Jurisdiction of all the four regions of the Union Territory of Puducherry.  In the UT of Puducherry   17  Nos.  cattle and Poultry shows are conducted  every year   Attractive prizes are awarded to the best entries at a function.




Dog shows: To encourage the pet owners  in rearing pet animals is being  dog shows are conducted at Puducherry and Karaikal region every year. Breed wise dogs are selected, prizes and certificates are awarded to the owners.



1) Whom to be contacted:         The Veterinary Assistant Surgeons of re

Communes – Veterinary Dispensaries/Hospitals

2) Application if any           :   NIL

3) Eligibility                        : 1. Must be a resident of Union Territory of Puducherry

                                             2, Age: between 18 to 60 years.

                                            3. Educational Qualification: Must be a literate

                                            4. Sex: both male and female

5. The beneficiary must be Sound  in mind and in Possession of any  livestock or poultry

6.  Member of Self Help Group and intensive   livestock or poultry farmers are preferable

   4) When to contact          :     From June to January every year.



A) Details of the Schemes


          This section has been dealing with only one scheme namely


B) Details of the scheme and its applicability


          Rinderpest is a dreadful viral disease, which affects cattle, sheep, goat etc., and there is no curative treatment for this disease and therefore preventive vaccinations were done to control the diseases. The vaccinations were carried out at the check post at Madagadipet and Kanniakoil specifically established for this purpose. Due to regular and systematic vaccination programme taken up by the Department no outbreak of the disease has been reported in this Union Territory Since 1985-86. As per the guidelines from NPRE, vaccinations were discontinued from 31.12.1997.  Now the activities of the check posts are directed towards clinical surveillance, institutional search and Sero-Surveillance work.


          A high power committee for Animal Husbandry to deal with any emergency situation in case of re-emergence of Rinderpest Disease in the Union Territory of Puducherry is constituted with the Secretary, Animal Husbandry as Chairman and the Joint Director(Rinderpest) as Member Secretary.

C) Information required in this aspect, which the citizen should be informed

          As part of the awareness campaign bit notices are being distributed to the farmers during the health camps as well as awareness camps and they were explained regarding the importance of the disease and its eradication.

           As part of the poster campaign the details of the symptoms were painted on the compound wall of two Veterinary Dispensaries namely Ariyankuppam and Villianur , and is proposed to be painted on all the Veterinary Dispensary compound walls.


D) Functions of the Programme Officer

          As per the N.P.R.E guidelines four stock routes in Puducherry district and three stock routes in Karaikal district are identified and the adjoining 122 villages are identified as stock route villages. Searches have been carried out regularly twice in a month to find out any foci of infection by the respective Veterinary Assistant Surgeons/Livestock Assistants.

           In addition this Union Territory of Puducherry consists of 244 ordinary villages (excluding 122 village which come under stock route). Searches are carried out in these villages twice in a year to find out any foci of infection by the respective Veterinary Assistant Surgeons/Livestock Assistants.

           The Programme Officer viz Joint Director (RES) as a routine inspects all the Veterinary institutions. During the visit he checks the records maintained by the staff. In addition the NPRE scheme officers attend to the various camps conducted by this Department such as Cattle shows, Health camps, Calf rallies etc and explains the farmers in detail about the importance of Rinderpest diseases and its eradication.


E) Rules and Acts implemented


F) Services provided to Citizens, Business community etc.,

          This section is having a close watch over the Daybook searches, village searches and stock route searches carried out by the staff of this Department to find out any foci of infection as routine surveillance work. 

G) Application and forms applicable to the scheme



OIE, Paris   declaration


H) Address of the officers to be contacted




Department of Animal Husbandry

 and Animal Welfare,Puducherry

Ph. No:2201328/2206890


Joint Director(RES),

Department of Animal Husbandry

 and Animal Welfare,Puducherry


Veterinary Assistant Surgeon ,

Rinderpest  Check Post, Kanniyakoil,


Ph.No. 2203135

Veterinary Assistant Surgeon ,

Rinder Pest Check Post, Madagadipet,




 Other details:

          The dreadful viral disease has been eradicated and now the country is free from the disease due to the effective implementation of the project by the Govt. of India. The OIE, Paris has declared that our country is free from the disease. But still, the re-occurrence is to be averted by way of strengthening the monitoring, surveillance of infection as the neighbouring countries are yet to attain this status.